Criticism: How to Handle it Better With PSYCH-K®

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Criticism: How to Handle it Better With PSYCH-K®

How do you handle criticism?


Do you wish you could deal with it better?


Is there someone that really makes you feel bad when they do criticise you, such as a partner or parent or work colleague?


Would you like to find a positive way to deal with it and increase your self-awareness in the process?


I don’t know anyone who derives any pleasure from being criticised.  We much prefer to be praised, don’t we?


And if we get criticised and praised in one day, which one do we remember longest?


Criticism just makes us feel bad and maybe anxious or stressed out, too.


We associate criticism with loss, and this makes us feel vulnerable.


We can feel judged, attacked and then worry about losing love, our relationships, jobs and our good reputations.


Depending on the delivery (e.g. from a trusted friend rather than a boss) or the content (a suggestion that you change your hairstyle compared with being told you’ve made a rather large mistake at work) you may be more or less distressed.


And, there may be some days and times where other influences make you feel worse than others.


Even if you handle most criticisms well, there will always be a time where something someone says will make you feel bad.


And some of us truly handle criticism quite badly.


Even the smallest of suggestions or criticisms of our words and actions can leave us feeling quite bereft, looping over and over on what we said, or did that was apparently so bad.


Of course, some criticisms can be delivered in such a way as to destroy our sense of worth, or they can be simply mean spirited, cold hearted or based on falsehood.


This speaks more about the person delivering the criticism rather than the person on the receiving end.


But the outcome can be the same.


It doesn’t have to stay this way, though.  I use a modality in my Hypnotherapy Clinic in Adelaide called PSYCH-K®


No matter what the circumstances, when we are on the receiving end of criticism, our goal should be to learn from the feedback.


We need to put our emotions aside for a time and keep our mind open.


This can also be directed at the person delivering as well as the content.


Matt Kahn in “The Upside of Criticism” puts it this way:


“Instead of thinking of criticism as a personal attack, look at it as a wellspring of creativity…a chance to pull inspiration, and in the process cultivate a deeper inner awareness.”


In using a technique called PSYCH-K®

I can help you:

  • Achieve a resilience to criticism
  • View criticism as an opportunity to learn more about yourself
  • Release negative beliefs that cause you to loop on feelings of

“I am not good enough” or

“I don’t deserve to succeed”


I will help you transform your reaction to criticism into a real force for positive change.


Instead of these comments becoming fuel to your persistent limiting beliefs I can help you use these opportunities to:

  • Clear roadblocks
  • Catalyse change
  • Expand your potential
  • Decrease levels of negative judgements about yourself and others


When you are interacting with someone who is critical of you, Barbara Greenberg, PhD (Psychology Today) recommends the following:

    1. Stay calm
    2. Take time to think about it
    3. Look for positive messages in the criticism
    4. Run it by a trusted person
    5. Ask for examples of how and when you behave this way
    6. Have some empathy for the person delivering the criticism
    7. Consider doing something nice for yourself on the day you receive the criticism.


Contact me and find out more about how PSYCH-K® can help you turn being criticised into a positive, self-awareness, creative opportunity.