Enhanced Couples In Business

Couples In Business

Liza and Ashley Perks both know exactly what it is like to work closely together in business. They have been married and worked side by side since 1997.

They are the first ones to agree that the stress of being in a business with your life partner are huge.  Not all couples have the same success story as Liza and Ashley.

There is the financial stress, long periods of uncertainty and a long list of jobs to be done and never enough hours in the day to do them. Unfortunately , this is all part of creating a successful business.

There are many couples each year who decide that they would like to start a business together or have been struggling to grow an existing business.

For some, they never look back. For others though, they wish they never looked forward.

Liza and Ashley have both discovered, through their intensive training, that the business and the relationship go hand in hand. They are a reflection of each other.

If one person in the relationship feels out of balance, they project that onto the other person in the marriage or relationship, which in turn, projects the unbalance onto the business.

The techniques that your practitioners use at Enhanced Life Coaching is to discover all the conscious and unconscious values both partners have in every facet of their lives  and then align them together.

This in itself is powerful, as they then align these values with the business, until everything lines up and connects.

The couple will also be able to discover how to remove negative anchors, each other’s strategies and eliminating negative emotions and so much more.

That is why, having a structure and strategy in place, not just with your partner, but also the business is so important.

This is an 8-10 hour intense process working over two days as Ashley and Liza understand how hard it can be to have many small appointments away from your business. Having the sessions all together creates the most dramatic and powerful changes that only you both could dream of.

The cost of coaching both partners over 2 intense days and aligning them both to their business is $3000.

Have a chat to them if having a payment plan is something you would be interested in.