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A Little Bit About Me

My passion is evolving and empowering women.

I  believe that simply thinking positive thoughts does not lead to physical cures. I believe that you need more than ‘Positive Thinking’ to harness control of your body and your life. In fact, sometimes people who think that they are not great at ‘positive thinking’ become more debilitated because now they think their situation is now hopeless.  My specialty is working with women’s  unconscious minds where I  can change their  negative unconscious beliefs and re-programme my  clients with new more resourceful beliefs.

I feel that when people go to school or university, they learn beautiful things like geography, history, and algebra but are never taught how to feel good or have significant relationships.

I am on a journey of continuous learning, improvement, and discovery. These days I  am  a very different person to the woman I  was in my  pre-NLP days. I enjoy a heightened sensory awareness of myself; my conscious self, my unconscious self, and my overall physiology.

I am far more aware, energised and connected to others than I have ever been. I see, hear and feel things far more acutely and I have been able to fine-tune my professional skills in all manner of ways for real results.

Prior to starting our life coaching business in Adelaide, I have had 20 years of business experience with my  husband, Ashley Perks. Together we have three children.

I believe that Hypnotherapy, Time Line TherapyTM,  Psych-K and NLP is like an owner’s manual for how to use your brain; and I can’t wait to show you!

Please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding life coaching and the specialised therapies I use.

Experience with People

I’d like to help you become aware of how you examine your fears and your ensuring protection behaviours that impact your life!  What fears are stunting your growth? Where did your fears come from?  Are they necessary? Are they real?  Are they contributing to a full life?

When you are able to control those fears, you can regain control over your life!

Letting go of your fears is the first step toward creating a fuller, more satisfying life !!

Vision & Mission

My vision is to provide you with a supported, quality and unique alternative to your health, wealth and happiness. I’m especially passionate about working with women. An exciting project I am working on at the moment is building a library of helpful resources for women to use on their path to self discovery and awareness. These tools will be available to use in your own time and can be instead of, or as a compliment to private or group coaching sessions.

Contact Details

0408 855 448

Private Coaching:

59 Eton Rd, Somerton Park

Group Coaching & Courses:

Hotel Richmond – Balcony Room

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