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Why hypnotherapy? Does a rapid, non-addictive and safe alternative to medication sound worthwhile to you and your loved ones? If you saw yourself in the mirror after some hypnotherapy sessions and loved the new you, would that be valuable?

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis, otherwise known as Hypnotherapy, is an excellent treatment for anxiety,  stress, motivation, depression and pain… to just name a few. Hypnotherapy experiences gently encourage the mind to relax. This is essential for allowing the hypnotherapist to speak directly to your unconscious, creating longer term positive changes in thinking patterns. Clients will leave the sessions already changed.

Hypnotherapy is a collaboration between client and therapist and requires a commitment to make positive change.

Remember that Liza offers a free 20 minute consultation session before your first Adelaide hypnotherapy session.

Hypnotherapy to Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety

How would it look if you were in front of a group of adults looking confident, relaxed and calm?

Would you feel on top of the world if you knew that public speaking is easy for you?

How would it sound if you could hear people congratulating you on your speech?

Have you heard this statement before? : “There are more adults around the world who fear public speaking than they fear death”.

That is a shocking statement.

A 1973 study was conducted which led to this well known statement, and it found that 41 percent of surveyed adults were afraid of public speaking, compared to just 19 percent who said they were fearful of death.

A more recent Gallup poll conducted in 2000 found 40 per cent of people said they feared public speaking as their number 1 fear before snakes, heights, being enclosed in small spaces, flying, getting injections and mice, to name a few.

Let’s do some role playing together. Imagine someone asks you  to give a ten minute presentation to a room full of adults.”

How does this sentence make you feel?

Did it make you anxious?

Do feelings of anxiety wash over you?

There is something about public speaking that makes so many of us want to run for the hills, but why?

We know speaking in front of large groups won’t hurt us. We understand that talking out loud won’t have any bad consequences on our life, and yet we panic.

If we take a look back to early man in the Neolithic Era we can see where our fear of public speaking may have come from.

As there were so many predators around, man lived in large groups. Living together was safe, provided protection and ensured survival. If you were singled out from the group or left to fend for yourself then survival could seem bleak.

When standing in front of a large group your primitive instinct tells you that exactly this has happened. You are no longer part of the group and so the feelings of fear and anxiety are your bodies ways of preparing for survival.

How does Hypnotherapy work to treat and reduce anxiety around public speaking?

Let’s explain, in a state of hypnosis, our minds become much more receptive to new information. We listen to suggestions and we file those suggestions away into the subconscious where they’re much more likely to stick.

As such, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are popular tools for helping people overcome their fear of public speaking, because it empowers them to remove those automatic thoughts.

Our Hypnosis Techniques to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

With a few preparation techniques like Time Line therapy, Psych-K, NLP, breathing exercises and focusing on the way you think, you can do a course and overcome the fear that comes with public speaking and move forward confidently.

Liza will help you harness the power of your unconscious mind to mentally rehearse delivering a great speech and old negative programming will be replaced by more positive thought patterns. As a result of the process you will begin to feel excited and enthusiastic rather than nervous and jittery about the challenge. Additional benefits will include greater self-assurance and confidence with a belief that your opinions are just as valid as everyone else’s.

The Results and Outcomes You Can Expect From Our Public Speaking Hypnotherapy Program

Hypnotherapy will help you deliver your speech in a calm and friendly, but assertive manner and the affects of the treatment are long lasting. It may not make you the first one to leap to the microphone, but it will make public speaking something you can handle, rather than fear.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

  • Weight Management
  • Stop Smoking
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Public Speaking
  • Depression
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Breaking Habits
  • Insomnia
  • Sports Motivation
  • Anger Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Menopause relief
  • Stress
  • Finding the root cause of the problem

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety & Stress

When not properly managed, feelings of anxiety, stress and fear can become very overwhelming and severely impact your quality of life – affecting your relationships, work, family, and more. Traditional therapies such as medication and lifestyle changes in diet and exercise may not be enough to fix the issue – and this is where our hypnotherapy for anxiety program can help. Our hypnotherapy for anxiety program aims to get to the root of your anxiety issues and transform the way you think and deal with anxiety and stress. Whether your stress and anxiety is causing you to overthink, have trouble focusing, causing panic attacks, or any other related symptom, our hypnotherapy for anxiety program can be the solution you can take control of your thoughts and promote positive change in your life.

Hypnotherapy For Anger Management

The angry person only hurts themselves, but these emotions are part of the instinct for survival or the ‘fight/flight mechanism’ that we all possess to help get us ready to respond to a real or imagined danger. When you’re constantly exposed to stressful situations, events, and people, you may be in a constant state of fight or flight, and use anger as your sole coping mechanism for unwanted situations. At Enhanced Life Coaching, we provide hypnotherapy sessions for anger management that equips you with healthier and safer coping mechanisms for your anger and rage. Our hypnotherapy sessions will also help you delve into the causes of your rage – which is often based on fear – and change the way you think, behave, and respond to your triggers.

Hypnotherapy For Depression

When traditional psychotherapy or medication hasn’t quite produced the results you’ve wanted in treating your depression, hypnotherapy for depression can be another solution that can yield faster, more tangible, and positive outcomes for your symptoms. Hypnotherapy at Enhanced Life Coaching can be used to delve into the root causes and symptoms of depression by tapping into the unconscious mind. From there hypnotherapy can help you focus, manage negative thoughts and behaviours in a healthier way and help you change toxic lifestyle patterns triggered by your depression. Hypnotherapy can also help identify the thought patterns that have been causing you to suffer, then assist in rewriting for more helpful mental coping strategies.

Hypnotherapy For Addiction – Smoking, Alcohol, and More

Most people think addiction Hypnotherapy is only about Hypnotherapy to quit smoking, when in fact this treatment can be helpful for people trying to overcome many types of addictions. Liza, your hypnotherapist at Enhanced Life Coaching can implant suggestions to help you feel an aversion to the drug or alcohol or channel into your subconscious mind to rewire your thoughts and help bring about positive changes over time.

Hypnotherapy For Sleep

Hypnotherapy for sleep can involve renewing or revivifying a past experience of easily falling asleep. During your hypnotherapy session, your hypnotherapist will add post-hypnotic suggestions in your subconscious mind so that you’re able to relax your mind and body into a state of calmness – and prepare yourself for sleep. The hypnotherapy sleep therapy and techniques you’ll be provided with will allow you to block out or manage overwhelming thoughts that keep you awake, while ensuring you feel more in control of your emotions to enable you to better fall asleep.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be used to influence your unhealthy eating habits from deep within, rather than resort to surgery or other invasive methods. Hypnotherapy has been an effective form of therapy for weight loss for many, and gets down to the root causes of your eating habits such as emotional eating, overeating, bingeing, and more. Hypnotherapy for weight loss has no ill side-effects, and there’s everything to gain – except your weight!

Hypnotherapy For Relationships

Relationships can be a balm for the soul but they can also be rather challenging as divorce statistics around the world show. Hypnotherapy can be used for managing and dealing with relationships – whether it be helping you to move on after a breakup or deal with problems arising from your marriage, to even relationships at work or with friends. If your relationships are causing you unhappiness, hypnotherapy may be just the tool you need to examine the basis of the problem and to improve your self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy For Work and Career Development

Developing your career or dealing with being made redundant can be a challenge, especially if a person has no idea how to put their most effective self forward. Hypnotherapy for work and career development can help you achieve your personal and career goals, and work around negative feelings that may be obstructing a career move or even help you to discover how you truly feel about your career. Your hypnotherapist, Liza will help you unravel what it means for you to be happy and fulfilled in your career and how you can take the necessary steps to reaching your career goals with the help of effective hypnosis and hypnotherapy strategies.

How Much Do Our Hypnotherapy Programs Cost?

At Enhanced Life Coaching, we have a number of programs, courses and packages with varying hypnotherapy costs and hypnotherapy quotes. Our clients range from corporations to parents and teenager problems, weight loss packages and life and group coaching sessions at various prices. See our Pricing & Packages page more detailed information or call us on to talk to Liza about your needs on 0408 855 448, email liza@enhancedlifesa.com.au or chat online.

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