Enhanced Parent/Child Coaching

Enhance Your Relationship

Liza Perks  works closely together between parents and teenagers to guide them through this important time.

Liza  uses a set of techniques that assist with anxiety, limiting decisions, negative emotions, goal setting, conflicts, aligning values and more.

Here is an analogy for you- Think of parent and teenager coaching as a learning to drive course.  Imagine the student learning to drive with nobody sitting next to them in the car. Who would direct them to their destination?

Now imagine them driving with an experienced instructor who can give them all the knowledge and confidence they need to have a wonderful driving experience for now and the future. Isn’t that what any caring parent would want?

Liza  also understands that the school life is extremely busy. This is why Liza meets both parent and their teen 1 full day each for an Enhanced Personal Breakthrough session.  The wonderful part of this programme is that it doesn’t impact on their study and social time.  Rather than coming in weekly which can be disruptive, Liza will meet the parent and the teenager seperately for 4-6 hours so that the client will be be able to have a full grasp of the problem and be given strategies that they can apply straight away. This is the same for the parent also.

Liza is  looking forward to hearing from you.

Ring Liza for a free 40 minute consultation so a unique programme can be created for yourself and your child.

This is a life changing program that will enhance your relationship with yourselves and your teenager.