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Ask yourself this question, what are the two most intelligent species on our planet that gain excessive weight? The answer, humans and our beloved pets.

So, why is 60% of the Australian population classified as overweight, while the remaining animals on Earth are the correct weight in proportion to their bodies? It does beg the question, why animals other than humans and our pets seem to be immune to the extreme weight gain/weight loss cycle that we experience.

Our behaviors are linked to our high level of intelligence – our conditioning of eating emotionally. As humans, we have learned to use food as a tool to manage our emotions and feelings including depression, hurt, anger, stress, tiredness,  boredom and loneliness.  In all these cases, eating food to gain energy is not a factor, the main driver is negative emotions.

When a person is not happy with their body image or outward appearance, they can become overly attached to what they are not achieving.  Focusing on what we are not achieving can create a negative feedback loop.

At Enhanced Life Coaching, together they will remove negative emotions and limiting decisions that create the undesired pattern of behavior.  They will follow with some techniques to tailor a plan specifically to suit you.

At Enhanced Life Coaching, it will take from 4-6 sessions to get the results you have always dreamed of and the duration of each session is 1 hour. The initial session will be dedicated to getting a detailed personal history while beginning to uncover the unconscious patterns of behavior and negative emotions that contribute to the problem.  These sessions will also include NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and Time Line TherapyTM to get to the root of the presenting problem.  For the majority of people, the cause of the problem is outside of their conscious awareness.

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