My first introduction to NLP with Liza was in June 2016. I was in a terrible state of depression and very low in motivation.

I had experienced a relationship breakup and couldn’t win a job at the time after leaving a well paid secure role.

I had many interviews and was knocked back so many times.  This role I left caused me a lot of stress and in turn I had no work life balance, which I think caused the issues that led to the breakup of my relationship.

I had got to a point in my life where I couldn’t breathe or think straight. I just couldn’t cope or function normally.

The very first thing I noticed with Liza was the way she didn’t react to anything I said no matter how shocking or depressing it was.

She has the ability to re- focus your mind with just her voice, calmly talking you back into reality and helping you help yourself.

She gives you tasks to do so that you can focus on your own recovery process.

Liza was always there when I texted her or called and when we had done some work together, she always checked in on me a few days later. I never felt abandoned and that is so important when you are pouring your deepest issues out to someone.

She really does have a wonderful rapport with you and there is never any judgment. She is a great healer and genuinely tunes into her clients’ needs.

I can now report that I am  HAPPY! I hadn’t felt that in a long time. This shift has led me to find a great job that is challenging but not stressful and commence a new relationship (very new) but feels amazing.

I am continuing to improve both physically and mentally with any negative thoughts quickly removed from my mind that I would normally have dwelled on and struggled.

I highly recommend Liza. Life is short and will continue on. I think why not make your days count as you have been blessed with this one life.


I would like to commend Liza for her work with N.L.P. or working with the unconscious mind.

This is powerful therapy.

Participants on her course are not immediately aware of any change in their health problems until realisation that those issues are no longer there.

N.L.P. is excellent for inner health, depression, sensitive issues, stress, personal loss and so many other human emotions that can effect life that has become disabling.

For myself,  confidence, speaking to groups etc. has been huge for me, and I will always be grateful.

Liza’s work does not involve medication but encourage her client to go back to the beginning and awareness of disruption in their life, then healing.

Reaching your true potential is vital and important, so again I recommend Liza for a healthy body and mind.


I heard about NLP through some friends at work about six months ago and never thought it would be something for me, yet the following months I saw firsthand the impact that NLP was having on my friend’s stress levels and emotional management, so I thought to myself “what’s there to lose”!

I joined a two-day seminar to help put life into perspective and let go of the stress.

NLP taught me to think less negatively.  I have also applied NLP in the workplace i.e. Staff training, building rapport, and how to prioritise emotions.

NLP has had a profound impact on my personal and working life.

I am very thankful to Liza, Ashley, and Sinead for their teachings and support.

For anyone who needs to perform a life audit, I highly recommend NLP.


With her certain gentleness and NLP expertise, Liza helped to master my emotions and gave me the tools to move forward with personal empowerment.  As a client, the coaching experience has been life changing.


I have been consulting with Liza since 2016.

She has helped me to overcome a negative mindset and has successfully worked on enabling me to be  able to see the goodness in my life. I know now that I can change the way I view situations from everyday struggles ; personally and professionally.

I feel much happier in all aspects of my life because of the techniques and the support that I have learnt from Liza.


Working with Liza has been an absolute pleasure. As a Well Being & Performance Coach, I understand the importance of receiving an educated outside perspective when it comes to personal and professional development. Liza has an amazing gift for listening empathically, caring and showing support. But perhaps more importantly – particularly in her line of work as a therapist and coach – Liza demonstrates clear and unique insight that raises your awareness and offers you opportunity to explore your potential and develop effective ways of moving forward with your life. Realising that the purpose of coaching is exactly this it feels only natural and right to endorse her skills as a Hypnotist, Time Line Therapist, and Performance Coach. Neuro Linguistic Programming is about modelling excellence and that is why where possible I choose to work with the best. I can’t recommend her enough, thanks Liza you are a huge success.


I have been consulting with Liza Perks since September 2016. She has helped me to overcome a negative mindset and has successfully worked on being able to see the goodness in my life. I know now that I can change the way I view situations from everyday struggles; personally & professionally.

I feel much happier in all aspects of my life because of the techniques & support that I have learnt from Liza.


Enhanced Life Coaching conducted a two day seminar for the managers of our city and regional hotels.

Enhanced Life Coaching demonstrated to us the benefits of using NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Business Coaching to help build rapport with our staff, suppliers and most importantly our, customers.

Our team utilizes these tools in the workplace to increase sales by using advanced communication techniques to target specific client needs, setting and achieving goals and building team moral. Enhanced Life Coaching provided us with the ability to be more positive in our professional and personal lives.

I highly recommend Enhanced Life Coaching to anyone wishing to make inspiring changes within themselves and for any business owner wanting to create more success within their company.


When I was lost and suffering from depression and didn’t know what direction I was going in my life I turned to Liza from Enhanced Life Coaching for guidance.

I had known Liza personally and we shared mutual friends so at first I felt hesitation but there was no reason to.

Liza is so professional and understanding.

Through the work I had to do with Liza when I wasn’t in a session really helped me through each one and the two of us worked on what was blocking me.

Liza gave me the courage to believe in myself and start actively seeking out what my purpose was.

Since then I’m driven and loving my new found freedom I’ve allowed myself. Liza’s words and teachings I can’t say enough about.

I would highly recommend Liza to anyone who is needing some guidance and help.
Liza’s methods are not conventional but they work and that is what is important.

Liza is now a clinical hypnotherapist and also trained in Hypnobirthing.

You have noting to lose and everything to gain.

My life has taken a 360 degree turn.


I have tried psychology, psychiatry and hypnotherapy with no success.

Liza of Enhanced Life Coaching is very professional.

She quickly helped me lose weight and improve my eating and exercise lifestyle.

I gained more self confidence and improved my coping mechanisms and hence my quality of life.

Helen N

“I have been using essential oils for many years when I heard about Young living oils.

I had the opportunity to meet with Liza Perks who introduced me to Young living oils.

The experience was enlightening with Liza pointing out the beneficial uses of the oils and the different blends for different conditions.

Liza was very informative and lovely to deal with”

Janette P

“I had never used Essential Oils until I was introduced to Young Living by Liza Perks.

I lead a very busy life but have always maintained a healthy diet and exercise every day. The one thing I had always overlooked was the chemicals I use in my household and also in my everyday beauty regime.

I attended an Essential Oil Play shop hosted by Liza and my a-ha moment was learning about the effects that everyday household cleaning products can cause. It was then that I wished I could have turned back time as I thought back to when my son as an infant suffered terribly with Asthma and allergies.

Liza’s knowledge and passion for Young Living is infectious. I now look forward to every month growing my collection of Young Living Oils and products to complete my healthy lifestyle and have the confidence that I am looking after my whole family by offering a safer alternative and a healthier environment.”