Time Line TherapyTM

In a nutshell

Would it be valuable for you to release your long forgotten negative experiences, limiting beliefs and past unwanted conditioning which you have carried around for years?

Are you aware that your negative experiences can create health problems you have unconsciously suffered during your life?

Did you have any idea that your unconscious mind has been controlling you all your life?

Did you realise that about 90% of your daily life is actually run by your unconscious mind?

Sounds crazy, right?

The unconscious mind encodes and stores all our memories and experiences in a linear fashion which is called a Time Line.

It is very easy to discover where your Time Line is in relation to your life. Your practitioner can learn a lot from the information that you unconsciously share and together the practitioner at Enhanced Life Coaching will help discover what the root cause of the problem is.

Once they discover the root cause and when it began, they can see this particular problem has shown itself to you throughout different times in your life. This is what is called a ‘Gestalt’.

Time Line TherapyTM is a process that does not require you to relive potentially traumatic events. In fact, it is content free.  What this means is, you don’t have to re-tell the negative experience which can be quite traumatic in itself.

Time Line TherapyTM is a unique tool to release the blocked energy that your unconscious mind has held, so you can start the regeneration and healing process you desire taking you to places you never dreamed of was possible.

Take action and book in today and start your new and healthy life!