“Go To Where People Grow”

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“Go To Where People Grow”

The people we are surrounded by are often not necessarily the people who will make us a better person, or provide the circumstances, emotionally, mentally and physically, for us to thrive and grow.


If you feel like there are more unhappy relationships in your life than healthy ones that allow you to grow and explore what it is to be you, then it’s time to change the balance.


On a daily basis, we have relationships with, and also feel like we need to get along with  people who may be troubled, anxious, depressed, unwell, negative, snippy, passive-aggressive and bullies

  • In the workplace
  • At home (partner, extended family members)
  • Socially
  • In clubs and societies we belong to
  • In church or around our faith based practices


Happy relationships benefit us in many ways by allowing us to grow and feel loved and nurtured. We also love and nurture in return, and while this makes us feel good, it also gives us a vital and healthier life, and we can look forward to a longer life.


Strong social connections benefit us mentally, physically and emotionally too.


Troubled relationships may cause stress and anxiety and manifest in seemingly unconnected ways such as headaches, sleep issues and upset digestive systems.


You can’t keep looking in the same places.


It might seem intimidating to go out of your comfort zone, but it can make a huge difference to your health, attitude and mindset.


Even if you are feeling lonely and isolated (and this can happen even if you are surrounded by many close friends and family) think about what you can do to connect with other lonely and isolated people who might also be on a journey to discover where and how to find positive, growth-oriented people.


Dr Mark Hyman puts this succinctly…


“If you want to surround yourself with uplifting and inspirational people, you need to go where people grow.


You’re probably not going to find your tribe at the typical happy hour or watching TV

Instead think of where people grow and go there.

Yoga, public speaking courses, the gym, cooking classes, book clubs. People who are actively seeking these experiences most likely have a growth mindset”



As a starting point, I have joined an Australia Wide Entrepreneur Group of people who meet every 90 days.  These are the people who are growing everyday and I want to be part of it.  You don’t have to go to that extreme, but the people you are looking for to stretch you are in arms reach, you just have to believe and take action.


If you need a little push, then PSYCH-K® is the most powerful modality that changes your beliefs from “I could never do that” to “ who do I need to talk to  connect with likeminded people?”


Do you have more negative and limiting relationships than ones that encourage you to grow?


Would you like to address the balance in your life and have more growth relationships?


Are you stuck in a routine that doesn’t support you or makes you feel less than you could be?


Getting out of your comfort zone might be the answer.


I can’t wait to work alongside you and explore areas of growth so you can look forward to a more happy and extraordinary life.

It’s all there for the taking.