Workplace Burnout is Real and How PSYCH-K® Can Help.

Enhanced Life Coaching and PSYCH-K

Workplace Burnout is Real and How PSYCH-K® Can Help.

Is your job making you feel tired, stressed and exhausted?


Do you feel less than worthy in your workplace?


Have you dropped your expectations and ambitions around your career?


Is it affecting your health?


Do you want this to change so you have energy and enjoyment in your job?


Workplace burnout is a real thing, according to the World Health Organisation


WHO has officially listed it as an “occupational syndrome”, according to a report out in May of this year.


By giving legitimacy to this emerging problem, we are now able to find areas where improvements can be made so this syndrome does not create mental and physical health issues.


This where I come in and help you, using a modality called PSYCH-K® and Time Line Therapy™


Workplace burnout is due solely to “chronic workplace stress”.


Characteristics include;

  • Feelings of energy depletion
  • Exhaustion
  • Increased mental distance from one’s job
  • Feelings of negativity or cynicism related to one’s job
  • Reduced professional efficacy


Science Alert reveals the following:

  • According to WHO’s own research, burnout occurs when the demands of a job far outweigh the rewards, recognition and times of relaxation.
  • As a result, workers who are burned out often feel like their ambitions, idealism and sense of worth are slowly being strangled.
  • The losses from this syndrome are not just financial but will also impact public health
  • Research has shown that profound emotional exhaustion and negativity brought on by burnout can change a worker’s brain making it harder to deal with stress in the future


If left unrecognised and not addressed, workplace burnout can lead to a higher risk of:

  • coronary heart disease
  • high cholesterol
  • type 2 diabetes
  • and hospitalisation due to cardiovascular disorders, musculoskeletal pain, prolonged fatigue, headaches, gut issues and respiratory problems


Psychological effects include:

  • insomnia
  • depression
  • use of psychotropic and anti depressant medications
  • mental disorders
  • psychological ill health


The great news is that if you feel like this could be you, or you are heading towards workplace burnout, THINGS CAN CHANGE!


In my Hypnotherapy Clinic in Adelaide, I use a technique called PSYCH-K®, workplace burnout and it’s accompanying symptoms and outcomes can be a thing of the past.


In private sessions with me, I will guide you toward a different way of approaching your career and workplace. Together we will create healthier and more equable strategies to deal with the pressures and stresses of your working life.


Be proactive and book in for a free consultation and we can chat about how you’re feeling on this issue right now.

Things will get better and outcomes can and will change for the better.


I can’t wait to hear from you.