How to Overcome Your Career Identity Crisis with Enhanced Life Coaching

Enhanced LIfe Coaching

How to Overcome Your Career Identity Crisis with Enhanced Life Coaching

If we don’t have a rock solid handle on our overall identity,  it is then easy for us to  create an identity crisis.


We lose a sense of self and our confidence levels can plummet.


This is especially true within our job and career. We put so much time and effort in to getting the right education and skills and experience.


Ask yourself this question: Does a job define who we are?


Our work makes up a large part of how we see ourselves, and takes up a large part of our time, even our social time.


Just know that you are so much more than your work.


Having a ‘Life Coach’ or as I call myself ‘a Belief Change Specialist’ in your life, we can see the crisis for what it is, why it is there in the first place and reframe the crisis into a gift.


Having a Coach in your life allows you to  always find your haven: a strong identity to go to when change, or a state of flux, occurs.


While we work together to rediscover your identity we will create such things as

  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Purpose
  • A Sense of Humour
  • Commitment
  • Willingness
  • A Clear Vision


When we create a clear vision of your identity, you will be able to use this across all situations, as well as your perceived career crisis, so that it supports you through tough times.


Laura Simms, a published author ( Psychology Today, Business Insider) and Career Consultant, shares these tips to handle a career identity crisis


  • Schedule Social Stuff

Find places and events to interact with people. Keep it to low key events if you’re not up to bigger ones.


  •  Give yourself permission to be in an “In-Between time” right now

You won’t be in this space forever, so for awhile it’s OK to be uncertain. Things will sort themselves out and you will recover


  • Write about WHO you are

This can be in list form, stories or notes. Reconnect with who you are.

You ARE more than your career.



  • Do things that make you feel like a somebody

It’s OK to feel a bit sorry for yourself, but counteract that by doing things that make you feel capable, eg something creative, taking a class, an online course, boot camp etc


  • Directly address your career issues

Take direct action to resolve the conflict in your career, be honest and see how you can improve things next time around. You’ll feel more powerful and proud if you act



Have you been through a career identity crisis?


How did you handle it?


Do you have any tips for others?


Did you find a greater purpose for your ability to contribute in the workplace and to be rewarded for your efforts?


I’d love to hear your stories



It will feel so great to move beyond your current career crisis and find that you become more empowered and have a much greater sense of who you are.


I am so excited to work with my clients at Enhanced Life Coaching  and see their career thrive.