Self-Sabotaging Behaviours: How can PSYCH-K® help?

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Self-Sabotaging Behaviours: How can PSYCH-K® help?

Have you ever set a goal, only to find that your own actions have prevented you from achieving it?

These actions are called self-sabotaging behaviours, and they are more common and insidious than you think.

We all like to see ourselves setting goals and intentions.

Sometimes they are small and achievable, like that inner voice reminding us to put the right rubbish bin out on the right night. Other goals and intentions are more substantial, such as the feeling we would get if we achieved weight loss, quitting alcohol or going for a promotion at work.

An example of a self-sabotaging behaviour would be to have the goal of losing weight, only to find that you eat exactly what you shouldn’t and in quantities that are self-defeating, so that weight loss is impossible.

Following a U.S. study, psychologists at S.W.P.S. University, Poland, suggest that some common self-sabotaging behaviours include

  • Procrastination
  • Self-medicating with alcohol and drugs
  • Comfort eating
  • Excuses
  • Over committing
  • Self-injury
  • Blaming others
  • Overreacting

Do any of these behaviours sound familiar?

So why, instead of shooting for the moon and becoming our own champion, do we aim for our foot and feel like a failure?

Ellen Hendrickson, PhD who wrote in Psychology Today last year, believes there are several big reasons why we do this

  • Self-Worth and Self-Love:

Do you feel you deserve success and happiness?

  • Control Issues:

      At least you control the failure rather than being blindsided by others

  • A Handy Scapegoat:

      It wasn’t me, it was just my actions

  • Familiarity:

      If you’re used to being mistreated or exploited it’s reassuring to behave in a way that puts you back in that position and at least it’s preferable to the unknown

  • Impostor Syndrome:

      This is a perception that as you become more successful in life there is further  to fall. So, you find ways to diminish the success you could have.

  • Sheer Boredom:

create drama, incite a rush by creating instability and chaos.

I can work alongside you to address self-sabotaging behaviours and find success in your goal setting.

Whether it’s weight loss, better relationships, workplace and career goals, financial goals, saving for your new home or training for a 5km fun run, PSYCH-K® can help.

Using PSYCH-K® helps you quickly and easily communicate directly with your subconscious mind, and- while using methods of whole-brain integration-change old self-limiting beliefs into new self-enhancing ones that support you, in just minutes!

PSYCH-K® is not a talking or counselling modality, it is a solution-based process.

In the meantime, you can also

  • Reduce your mental clutter and your “too busy” attitude
  • Realize it’s OK to be imperfect
  • Streamline your life
  • Be more flexible in your standards
  • Combat avoidance and procrastination by making up “To Do” lists
  • Review your goals with fresh eyes
  • Simplify your goals into smaller steps

I really look forward to helping you realize your dreams and making you your own champion with the power of PSYCH-K®.

And remember to comment below with any thoughts, ideas or questions