Positivity, Happiness and Success: How to Access More with TimeLine Therapy™

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Positivity, Happiness and Success: How to Access More with TimeLine Therapy™

Do you agree that having more happiness leads to a fulfilling, joyful and successful life?


Do you also agree that happiness helps us reach our full potential?


How can we influence our minds to embrace more happiness in our daily behaviours, thoughts and actions?


Timeline Therapy ™ is the answer hands down.


Timeline Therapy™ is a unique tool to release the blocked energy that your subconscious mind has held, so you can start the regeneration and healing process you desire so you can have all the happiness you need and more.


Conventional wisdom holds that if we “work hard” we will be more successful and with success we will become happier.

  • “If I work hard for success, then I’ll be happy”
  • “If I can get that promotion, by working longer and harder then happiness is mine”
  • “If I work hard to lose some weight, then I’ll feel much happier”


Have you considered that happiness fuels success, not the other way around


Psychologist, author and public speaker, Shawn Achor calls this “The Happiness Advantage”

Basically, when we use positive self talk, make positive actions and behaviours  our brains become :

  • More engaged
  • More creative
  • More motivated
  • More energetic
  • More resilient
  • More productive


Repeated research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience has produced results supporting this


Here are the three greatest predictors of happiness:

  1. Optimism: the belief that what you do and how you behave matters
  2. Social Connection: regular, strong connections and significant relationships
  3. How we perceive stress: do you see stress as a challenge and rise to it, or do you complain, whinge, see it as a threat and get scared and fearful?


Shawn Achor believes that if we want to raise our happiness levels we need to shift our thinking or mindset, as well as our behaviours and actions.


This is where having your own Life Coach is imperative as they are able to calibrate your mindset and change the inner dialogue to a more powerful thought process with the help from modalities like TimeLine Therapy™.


Our genetic makeup, as well as our environment define our happiness. But you can make changes in how you think, by using positive self talk and positive planning in combination with positive habit and actions all through the support of TimeLine Therapy™


If you do BOTH of these your genetics, childhood traumas and your environment will no longer hold you hostage.

Massive rewards flow from this too!


Happiness is NOT the belief that we don’t need to change. It is the belief that we CAN!


The belief that we CAN frames our thinking with positivity. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy


Every task, every social and work interaction, every loving relationship and even challenging situations become scaffolded by the belief that everything is good and will be successful.


Success will then be defined by your engagement in all that life has to offer, by creativity, energy, motivation, resilience and productivity


Isn’t that a wonderful way to live?


  • If you feel like you’re stuck in a pattern of negativity…I can help you
  • If you feel that your life is being half lived…I can help you
  • If you feel constantly hard done by, or downtrodden…I can help you
  • If you simply want more fun, love and success in life, I can help with that too!


My Adelaide Hypnotherapy Clinic is near Glenelg and I also utilise many other modalities like NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K and others.


Release your negative and limiting beliefs around happiness and find more happiness and success than you ever thought possible.


It’s there for the taking.

Just contact me and I’ll set you on your path.