NLP Technique for Happiness. Coping with Life Vs Thriving in Life.

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NLP Technique for Happiness. Coping with Life Vs Thriving in Life.

I’m often asked by clients, “How can I cope with life better?”

While I’m all for helping people learn (through hypnosis,, NLP, Time Line Therapy  and PSYCH-K® … tools to make life more comfortable, peaceful and less stressed, I think there’s another question we could ask…

“How can I thrive in a better life?”

This simple NLP Technique for Happiness is a great tool for your tool kit.


The word “coping” suggests that you might be skimming the surface, keeping your head above water, but not necessarily taking any enjoyment.


Thriving, on the other hand, means that it’s full steam ahead, there’s growth, happiness, joy and excitement.

The choice then is, do you want to just “cope” with life better, or would you rather “thrive” in a better life?

Do you feel like you have a choice at the moment?

What if I told you that you can not only have a better life, but one where you’re finding joy and personal growth every day? That’s where choosing this NLP technique for happiness will help.


So, ok, you’ve decided to thrive, right? That’s awesome, but we need to do a little mixing and baking before we can put the sugar on top!


What would a better life look for you right now?

We are all so very different (thankfully) in what we want, need or even dream about in life, otherwise we would all want Bradley Cooper at our dinner table!


Firstly, we need to imagine what a better life would look like and this involves you making a private movie in your own mind! Creating a movie in your mind is the start of the NLP technique.


If I ask you to make a mental picture of a blue fairy spinning around the garden, that’s a pretty easy picture to make.

Now here comes the fun.

Have a go at making a moving picture of yourself,

  • being healthier,
  • fitter and
  • having more energy.
  • How would it look if you added a big sprinkle of happiness so that you’re laughing and smiling, like doubled over laughing.
  • Can you hear yourself giggle?
  • Do you have a close friend or a lover with you?
  • Are they supporting you, laughing and caring for you?
  • Are you in your dream home? What does it look like?
  • Is there the scent of flowers in each room, or are the windows open letting in the sunshine and fresh air?
  • Are there travel brochures on your dream home kitchen bench for your next amazing holiday? Where is it to this time?


Take a few minutes to close your eyes and really explore this imagined and detailed “better life”. Be as creative as you want. Light it up with colour, moonlight, fill it up with love and vibrancy and harmony. Turn up the sounds, add your favourite playlist, or make it quiet and serene, It’s your choice. And put yourself smack bang in the middle of the picture. You are right there moving through your “better life”. And that’s it, the simple NLP technique for happiness.


How does simply making up this image work?

Well, while we are making these mental image’s, we fire off similar neural and chemical pathways as if we are experiencing it.

  • It opens us up to possibility
  • creativity
  • new beginnings
  • discards old patterns that don’t serve us any more
  • and it begins to “un-stick” us

The more detailed we make the pictures, the more this process takes form.


I bet your mood has already lifted and you are feeling more inspired, free and joyful.

If I ask you now if you know what it looks like to thrive, I bet it’s a better choice than just coping.


Use this NLP technique or happiness to help you move into a thriving life, rather than a ‘just coping life’

Practice making these pictures as often as you can, at least two or three times a day, and then check in with yourself.

  • How do you feel?
  • What has changed?
  • Have you made any different choices about what can make you more joyful, peaceful, more content, more ambitious?
  • How has your mood changed?
  • Does this technique help give you more clarity?


I’d love to hear some of your experiences, so comment and let me know.

And by the way, Bradley Cooper and I are just having a deep and meaningful over a cocktail right now… in my private movie that is!