Do You Show Enough Kindness and Courtesy to your Partner and Why is this Important?

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Do You Show Enough Kindness and Courtesy to your Partner and Why is this Important?

Couples in relationships often treat each other with less kindness and courtesy than they show their friends, and often to strangers too!


It doesn’t make sense, does it?  But we become so familiar that we often lash out at our partner.

This can be verbally, or we can simply ignore our partner by giving them the cold shoulder, checking our phones etc while they are wanting our attention.

Or we get to a tipping point and can just get annoyed by their habits


When that ugly person within us rears its head (and we all do it, hey?) we can later wish we hadn’t lashed out after all. Sometimes the repercussions aren’t worth the bother in the first place.

Plus, it makes us feel bad and disappointed in ourselves.


If this sounds like you, I can help you reframe your language patterns, change some beliefs about yourself and how you approach communication with your partner, and help you move forward with kindness, all through a modality called PSYCH-K® which is part of my Enhanced Personal Breakthrough Programme.


Do you think you need a little lesson in how to be kinder?

Are you aware of how you speak to your partner and could it be improved?

How important is to you that your partner uses gentle or encouraging language with you?

Do words matter to you, and if so, what words make you just melt?

What are the lovely words your partner says to you, and vice-versa?



In the meantime, here are a few tips, from Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Happiness Project”.


  • Don’t take things personally : your partner might have an annoying habit or trait, but it doesn’t reflect on your relationship – he might just be like this with everyone


  • Use gentle language: everyone appreciates a calm voice and words, so reframe how you speak! It might take some practice


  • Connect with love: show affection with a kiss or a cuddle, or just say hello and goodbye every time your partner comes and goes


  • Look for ways to be thoughtful: not because you need gold stars or brownie points, but because you want to create an atmosphere of kind deeds


  • Make the positive argument: remind yourself of all the good and positive things your partner does or says, no matter how small


  • The only person you can change is yourself: when we change for the better, the relationship and the atmosphere of your home will change. Take the lead!



What advice do you have regarding keeping your relationship positive?

Do you have a couple of “no fail” tricks up your sleeve to return to happiness in your relationship?

Do you agree that change starts with us and not them?

How much resilience or self-esteem/self-belief do we need to pull this off?


I’d love to hear your thoughts, and of course, contact me and we can find ways to make you and your relationship kinder and happier.