How to focus on what you want from your Life coach in Adelaide

How to focus on what you want from your Life coach in Adelaide

Welcome, my name is Liza Perks and I am the founder of Enhanced Life Coaching and Enhanced Hypnobirthing

I love sharing information with my clients because I find the more I share the more I help and the more I help, the more I can enhance peoples lives and their families
Today I would like to talk to you about focusing on what you want.


Would you like to learn more about the most exquisite device ever in the history of the universe and you carry it every where you go (and its not your phone).


Are you aware that you have 90,000 thoughts in your mind that you think of everyday, would you like to learn how to be more conscious of those thoughts?
Would changing your reality instantly to become positive at any moment be valuable?


The number of neurons in your brain is probably more than all the cars in rush hour around the world, its more that all the grains of sand on the beach at any moment and more that all the stars that we know of in the sky. It is also the number of estimated atoms in the might as well be infinite for all we can tell.


How many of you are aware of what your thoughts were 5 minutes ago. Were the thoughts in pictures or sounds or feelings? Most people have no idea which is perfectly normal.
What I am going to suggest to you is to focus on what you want.


Now, I am not suggesting that it will be easy to make some of the changes to enhance your life, but lets relate it to learning to ride a bike.
If you find yourself thinking about thoughts that you don’t want to have, then change the your focus. Put your full attention on something else. But you need to know what you want.


Focusing on what you want is like paying attention to good and bad vibes that are happening around you. By focusing on what you want or noticing the good and bad vibes, you will enhance your energy, and when you enhance your energy you will enhance your life. If on the other hand, you discount the importance of reading good and bad vibes or not focusing on what you want, you may make the rest of your life miserable.


With our highly evolved big brains, humans can do more than just read good or bad vibes-we can create good and bad vibes when we broadcast thoughts from our brains.
You can create the life vision you want by making sure that the thoughts you broadcast reflect exactly what you want to bring into your life. If you are always broadcasting anger, frustration, impatience, the same kind of destructive reflection is going to show up at your door again. And again.


Now, I have the tools necessary to make a quick change. It doesn’t take 90 days for the change to take place, it doesn’t take 1 year-it can happen in a matter of moments. It can happen instantaneously.


I am a Time Line Therapist, Neuro Linguistic programmer, PSYCH-K® facilitator, and a professional Hypnotherapist which means that I release blocked energy that your unconscious mind has held, so you can start the regenerations and healing process within yourself. Time Line Therapy is where you will be able to release your long forgotten negative experiences like anger, sadness, guilt, shame, fear and more as well as limiting beliefs and past unwanted conditioning which you may have carried around for years.


I work directly with the unconscious mind , this part of you which stores and encodes all your memories and experiences in a linear fashion which is called a Time Line.
It is very easy to discover where your time line is in relation to your life. As a practitioner I can learn a lot from the information you share with me. This allows us to discover what the root cause of the problem is.


Once I discover the root cause and when it began, I can see this problem has shown itself to you through -out different times in your life. This is what is called a ‘gestalt’.
Time line therapy is a process which does not require you to relive potentially traumatic events. In fact, it is content free. What this means is, you don’t have to re-tell the negative experience which can be quite traumatic in itself.


This is a whole-brain integration which changes old self-limiting beliefs into new self-enhancing ones that support you, in minutes!


I work very closely with your unconscious mind and discover what your limiting beliefs and negative programmes are. I use methods of whole-brain integration-this changes old self-limiting beliefs into new self-enhancing ones that support you, in minutes!


Its like rewriting the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your life.


So, on that note, Why not ask me about my Enhanced Personal Breakthrough Program and
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