Do you feel fragile today?

Do you feel fragile today?

Do you feel fragile today?


Would you like to learn how to be bullet proof with your emotions?


I was just reminising on the year just been and as I stumbled through my client files, I came across an interesting case study that made me double take.


As you know I have chatted a lot about  using hypnotherapy   in my last few blogs, and a lot of my clients prefer to use the Enhanced Personal Breakthrough Program  rather than regular weekly appointments.


I prefer to work in this format also, because you really get a handle of the presenting problem.


Anyway, this client who we will call ‘Caroline’ who lives in Adelaide, had a lack of confidence,  and she felt like she was continuously making mistakes.  This was effecting her work-place severely.  In fact, she really felt that her work collegues were brushing her off and just not talking to her in the break-room or even on shift. This caused her even more stress and depression.


Having people around her from work or even family who were not acknowledging her made her feel like she didn’t know anything and she had nothing of interest to say to them.


Once I delved a little deeper with her over a cup of tea, I discovered that she was the youngest child of her family and all of her other siblings used to brush her off. This got me curious. I was starting to put my detective hat on. Was there a link between the two?


Through the process of the program, I discovered she felt


I was starting to create a map of where she had been, where she is now and where she wanted to be.  It was  starting to get exciting.


Once I had collected all the data, it was time to do the work…..


Once I opened my ‘tool-box’ the amazing changes started to happen in front of my eyes.  My modalities that I used included

At the end of our days work, she felt normal for the first time in her life, she felt like she could be the person that she wanted to be, she felt like she fitted into her own family for the first time, she felt like she could communicate properly, her confidence was peaking and she felt worthy. My job was done.


I would love to hear your thoughts from my case study.  Have you felt like ‘Caroline’ before in your life? Does ‘Caroline’ remind you of someone close to you?