Why Setting Intentions is a Great Idea

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 Why Setting Intentions is a Great Idea

Have you ever felt that having an intention really helps your outcome?


I have found that when I have a positive intention, it helps me to identify my values which allows me to achieve success and happiness.


Research tells us that having an intention raises our emotional energy, which in turn raises our physical energy. Compared with goal setting, intentions put us in the moment and create an emphasis on how we want to be, how we want to live and what we have, rather than what we lack.


There was this one time when I set an intention that I will wake up at 4.30am every morning to focus on special projects and get more work done. All I had to do was set the intention the night before and then at 4.30am the following morning I woke up focused with a clear path of what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. To support the intention, I set up the work the night before that I wanted to do the following morning so that all I had to do was wake up, make a cup of tea, walk into my office and get the work done. That was 4 months ago, and I still wake up every morning at 4.30am and get a lot of work done which is in alignment with my big goals.



Today, I want to show you how to set an intention. Just remember that there are no rules around setting intentions, but there are benefits, guidelines and reminders that can become part of your daily life.



Intentions have no limits:

  • Imagine the changes that can take place as you begin to consciously give intention to positive choices
  • All human consciousness affects the wellbeing of others and our environment, depending on our intentions and the choices we make flowing from them.


Intentions are expansive:

  • They are about who you want to be and what you want to contribute to the world and how you want to touch the lives of others.
  • For example “I intend to show acts of kindness today and I open myself to any ways I can bring joy to others”
  • This definitely impacts the world beyond yourself


Setting intentions can make you more effective:

  • For example, opening your mind and heart to the possibility of being more productive will result in higher productivity
  • Intentions around this theme could be for you to be more receptive to clarity and inspiration and information


Setting intentions will help you get out of your headspace:

  • Voicing intentions in positive language and thoughts/pictures “crowds out” problems and limitations
  • By clearly stating how you intend  to feel, stops thoughts of what you want to avoid


Setting intentions opens your eyes to things you may have otherwise missed:

  • Setting an intention to be aware of the beauty around us, whether it’s a sunset, a cloud formation, a piece of interesting graffiti or flowers in the window of a shop helps to remove self-absorbing behaviours that might not serve us.
  • This provides opportunities for appreciation, enjoyment and even contribution.


Intentions can include global contributions:

  • Transfer concerns into intentions to make a difference and be part of the ripple effect.
  • Just saying out loud that you intend to be part of the change is empowering



So, as you can see, an intention is a positive and clear statement of an outcome you want to experience.


It starts with a mental picture of your outcome, put in a positive framework and set in a positive language formation.


For example “today I set my intention: that I will show kindness to others and do at least one kind thing for a complete stranger today.”


These positive statements and intentions provide a roadmap and a reminder of how to live each day.


In the example above, you might feel that kindness is something that you rate highly, that you would want others to show to you as well. It is something that resonates and aligns with how you want to live.


Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment and to recognise and live your values.



An intention to be kind, for example, also puts that value front and centre of your day, so you are more inclined to be kinder to yourself. In this way you change your energy and thought patterns to ones of kindness, using kind rather than harsh words in your inner dialogue.



In this way intentions influence our actual experiences.


The other way to be really congruent with your intentions is through a modality called PSYCH-K®. This is a powerful modality which releases stress around a concept (intention) so that when you physically go and do it, you are whole-brained with the statement and the intention.


PSYCH-K® will

  • Help identify and focus your intentions
  • Help find your values and beliefs
  • Help clarify positive mental pictures
  • Help re-frame negative language patterns into positive ones, thereby assisting in focussing your intentions



What things do you value that you’d like more of?


What would you like others to intend for you? Love, joy, compassion?


Do you feel comfortable voicing intentions, even if it’s inside your head?


Would you like to manifest personal and professional goals, using the power of intentions?