The Problem of Overthinking and How will PSYCH-K help?

PSYCH-K and overthinking

The Problem of Overthinking and How will PSYCH-K help?

Overthinking is when changes in our perception of circumstances go from a bright and sunny reality to an imagined, dark and stormy scenario.


Overthinking can extend into many areas of our lives.


While reflection is a crucial part of being self-aware and informing our curiosity and areas for personal growth, overthinking can result in time lost in destructive cycles of self-limiting and self-destructive thinking and behaviour.


Overthinkers don’t just use words to contemplate their lives. They also conjure up images as well.


Dr Lisa Firestone shares this insight:

“Time alone in thought can be positive – a rich environment for personal growth and creativity. Yet “getting in our heads” can also be dangerous when we are negatively turned against ourselves”


By overthinking, we actively participate in a destructive process. We listen to our critical inner voice, the one that focuses on negative aspects of the situation we find ourselves in.


Our real “self” is concerned with things such as goal oriented, life affirming thoughts and actions, with a set of values and desires.  Our “anti-self” is like an internal enemy, one that focuses more on self denying, self critical and even paranoid thoughts.


Thinking too much about things isn’t just a nuisance, it can also take a serious toll on your general wellbeing.  Research has found that overthinking increases your risk for mental health problems, emotional distress, unhealthy coping strategies (eg, alcohol and drugs) and poor sleep patterns.


To stop overthinking you must challenge your critical inner voice and change your way of thinking.


To accomplish this, I use a modality called PSYCH-K® in my Adelaide Hypnotherapy Clinic.  In a safe, gentle and encouraging way, I will change your overthinking habits into positive reflection and calm.  Together we will put an end to rehashing, second-guessing and catastrophic predictions.

Are you ready for that?


Amy Morin, author, clinical social worker, psychotherapist and TedX speaker offers further insight in ways you can approach solutions to overthinking:1.

1.Notice when you’re thinking too much

  • Awareness is the key

2.Challenge your thoughts

  • Acknowledge that your thoughts may be exaggeratedly negative
  • Recognize and replace thinking errors

3.Keep the Focus on Active Problem Solving

  • Look for solutions
  • Instead of asking “why” ask yourself what you can “do” about it

4.Schedule time for Reflection

  • Allow 15-20 minutes per day to mull over things and then MOVE ON!

 5.Practice Mindfulness

  • Live in the present…it does take practice!

6.Change the Channel

  • Telling yourself to stop thinking about something doesn’t work
  • So get busy on something else, such as exercise, a project or a fun conversation with a friend on a different subject entirely


By scheduling a session with me you will free yourself from overthinking, and in using PSYCH-K®, I will help you limit your negative and repetitive thinking patterns.


Are you ready?  I can’t wait to hear from you.