Science, Psych-K and Healing a Broken Heart

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Science, Psych-K and Healing a Broken Heart

Liza Perks from Enhanced Life Coaching enables women to transform their broken heart into realising their full potential ready for their future relationships.

Research from G Larson and D Sbarra 2016, has found that people who become heartbroken ‘after’ the end of a relationship recover more strongly if they take time to reflect on that relationship.

This scientific term is called “self- concept reorganisation” and as it suggests, is an important part of the healing process.

Liza Perks from Enhanced Life Coaching uses powerful modalities like Time Line Therapy™ and PSYCH-K® that help shift the perception of emotional pain into empowerment.

As you are aware, intimacy involves opening to another person – to their love, wants, needs, feelings, opinions, goals and dreams.

To have an intimate relationship means you become influenced by them, adjusting your beliefs and values along the way.

It shapes who you are and your self-concept. This is a normal and healthy part of a close and romantic relationship.

Breaking up means there is a rupturing of your self-concept, and as a result all that is familiar goes out the window.

Suddenly, life and your future have too many blank spaces.

Part of healing is re-establishing who you are without your partner.

In sessions with me one of the modalities I use is PSYCH-K® which provides a variety of ways to quickly identify and transform beliefs that ‘limit; you into beliefs that ‘support’ you, in any areas of your life.

 When we work together in clinic, we will be chatting about some of the below protocols.

Find Clarity

  • By talking with me we will be able to find a level of insight through a different perspective

Find Your Story

  • I will help you reframe your story from one of rejection and loss to one of learning, wisdom and seeing yourself from a position of strength
  • Consider using a journal
  • I will encourage you to use this as an emotional release and to assess how your “self-talk” is serving and supporting you
  • You can write in your journal as much as you like, but at least 3 times a week.

Reclaim Yourself

  • I will encourage you to re-establish who you are outside of the relationship with your partner
  • What parts of you have been pushed aside waiting to re-emerge?
  • Revisit what activities, hobbies, interests, passions, movies, TV, music, holiday destinations etc that really lit you up before this relationship
  • I will assist you to re-visit, re-build and nurture them

 Find New Ways to Expand on YOU

  • I can help you to:
  • Take up some new interests and activities, things you’ve thought about in the past but not acted on
  • Establish new goals, such as fitness, weight loss, study, career goals etc
  • Re-define your direction and trajectory in life
  • Connect with people who will see you as your own unique person
  • Some of these people you might already know, but I will help you to seek out new people to get to know, so they can see the new you too.

Healing from a broken heart requires physical action as well as dealing with things emotionally

Above all, remember that there were things about you that were beautiful, strong, vibrant and extraordinary before you entered the relationship.

Scientific research reveals that anything you can do to repair and strengthen your self-concept will accelerate your healing.

Are you ready to re-organise your self-concept, heal, and move forward with confidence and wisdom?

I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with you