Perception is Projection explained by Enhanced Life Coaching.

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Perception is Projection explained by Enhanced Life Coaching.


At Enhanced Life Coaching, I believe that the ‘Perception is Projection’ phenomena  (or coincidences) shows that people are not so much perceiving the external world as they are projecting what they carry inside onto the world around them. 

So, the world around you is a reflection of your beliefs, values, feelings and inner thoughts. In other words, the outer world is a reflection of what’s going on your inside world. Let me tell you a story of ‘perception is projection’ which completely took me by surprise.

Recently, my family and I went to the country of Vietnam for a well deserved holiday. During this time, the weather was hot, and we all had a refreshing swim in the hotel pool. My son and I were having an intellectual discussion, and the theme was ‘If I had a choice of giving up one of my senses of sight, voice or hearing, which one would I choose?’

Of course, my first thought was – ‘I wouldn’t like to give up any of my senses.’ Once I put myself into an imaginary position of giving up a sense, it did cause me to think. Our discussion finished shortly soon after and we all headed up to our hotel room and started planning the evening. To cut a long story short, we found ourselves having a unique dining experience in Saigon. The restaurant was called Noir, and we had no idea what to expect.

We very quickly discovered it to be one of only a few restaurants in the world that offer a dining experience which is set in the complete dark and served by waiters who are blind. This caused me to suddenly go back to my conversation with my son that we had in the pool early that afternoon. We were both shocked with the two seemingly un-connected situations. What a coincidence. We all soon realized that what seemed like a random conversation at the time, was something more. This completely transformed my beliefs. Of course, whether I liked it or not, I had my experience of what it was like to be blind for two hours, and let me tell you, it was incredibly humbling.

It just goes to show…………be careful for what you ask for!

Let me explain it to you in more detail. Are you aware that everything you perceive is your projection, and playing the ‘perception is projection’ game can be a great learning experience in self-awareness? So, that being said, if everything you perceive is your projection, does that mean you can control your projections? Of course you can, as this is where it gets interesting.

Out of the two million bits of information that surround us, we only process 134 bps (bits per second), We cannot attend to every bit of information that comes to us. So, we really can’t see anything other than who we are.


What you see is you and what others see is them.

At Enhanced Life Coaching, Liza will show you how to transform your beliefs and to maintain awareness of your state so you are aligned with what you are doing both on the inside and the outside.

Have you ever had a day when you felt on top of the world, if only for a few minutes?

During this particular day, did you smile to random people when you were out walking or at the shops? Did you notice you got a lot of friendly nods or smiles as you passed people by? Well then, you created an internal representation of your positive state, and this showed through your physiology and behavior, which in turn created your projections of the people smiling back at you. What a coincidence! This is how easy it is!

Here is another example. Do you work in sales?

Have you every done sales calls and you haven’t been in the right mood? How many were successful? If you were projecting those negative thoughts and saying to yourself ‘they’ll never buy from me’, then guess what? They won’t. So next time you wake up in the morning, calibrate how you are feeling and project the best version of yourself to the world and see the dramatic changes unfold before you. Go ahead, try it today!