Overeating, Stress and Weight Gain? How does Hypno-Banding Help with Your Emotional Eating?


Overeating, Stress and Weight Gain? How does Hypno-Banding Help with Your Emotional Eating?

We all know that being overweight or obese is not a good thing. In this blog Liza would like to show you a few alternatives to emotional eating

Are you aware that poor diet and carrying extra weight are the two key risks for heart disease, the leading killer of Australians?


Being overweight is also linked to chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, respiratory problems and various cancers.


In Australia, over 64% of us are overweight or obese. And the obesity rate has increased by nearly 50% since 1995!

For the first time, the number of Australians who are obese are almost the same as those who are a healthy weight. Not just overweight, but obese.


Women, on average carry an extra 7 kilos above the limit considered a healthy weight.


Ok, so now you have the statistics.


We all know that we need to be sensible and mindful with our eating. But it isn’t that simple because often the reason we overeat is stress, not because we are still hungry. Other factors are loneliness, sadness and boredom (which are stresses in disguise!)


This kind of eating is called emotional eating.

And women are much more likely than men to report this, with 30% of women fessing up that they eat to manage stress! Unfortunately, teenage girls follow this pattern too.


When eating is your primary emotional coping mechanism, you get stuck in an unhealthy cycle where the real stress trigger or feeling is never addressed.

This is the reason so many diets fail: we don’t always eat to satisfy hunger.


Emotional hunger, as compared to physical hunger, has these characteristics

  • It comes on suddenly
  • It craves specific comfort foods
  • It often leads to mindless eating
  • It isn’t satisfied once you’re full
  • It isn’t located in the stomach
  • It often leads to regret, guilt or shame


Does this sound familiar to how eat at certain times in your life?


Identifying your emotional triggers can be very useful. Do you know yours? Here are a few:

  • Boredom or feelings of emptiness
  • “Stuffing down” or numbing uncomfortable emotions
  • Childhood habits, nostalgia and reward
  • Social influences such as overeating when out with friends
  • Stress: when stress is chronic, as it often is in our chaotic and fast paced world, cortisol is produced and this triggers cravings that give a burst of energy, however our body stores what you eat as fat.


Are your days stressful often? Are you always rushing? Are you stressed at work and at home? Are you eating on the run and not even noticing what you’ve eaten or whether you’re even full or still physically hungry?


If you don’t know how to manage your stress emotions and your stress triggers and situations, it is likely that diets will not work and a pattern of eating followed by regret and shame will result.


Are you at the point where you’ve had enough?


Do you want to tackle your weight as well as have techniques to reduce or manage your stress levels?


Is it time to change old patterns and bring in the new?


Are you ready to develop a positive and lasting relationship with food?


A new, healthier, more in control and happier you await with an amazing program called Hypno-Banding!

The Hypno-Band Hypnotherapy Program creates a state of mind where you will believe that you have a gastric band fitted!  You will eat smaller portions and feel full.

Throughout the program, Liza will fully facilitate and understand the weight and emotional issues that you may be experiencing.


In the meantime here are a few alternatives to emotional eating, shared by Dr Jeanne Segal, author, psychologist and sociologist

  • If you’re depressed or lonely call someone who always makes you feel better, walk the dog, or borrow a friend’s if you can, gather a few cherished possessions or photos around you.
  • If you’re anxious do an exercise class or go for a brisk walk or run
  • If you’re exhausted do some self-care and have a bath, light some candles, or give yourself a foot rub
  • If you’re bored read a good book, watch a comedy on Netflix, do a crossword puzzle


Through Liza’s compassion and understanding, she will work with you in pursuit of your dream weight.