Is Being a “People-Pleaser” or “Empath” making you unhappy in your relationships and how will PSYCH-K® help?

stop being a people pleaser

Is Being a “People-Pleaser” or “Empath” making you unhappy in your relationships and how will PSYCH-K® help?

‘People pleasers’ want everything to be OK, even if it means compromising their own health and happiness.

‘People-pleasing’ is often an underlying and unconscious impulse that is very common in a personality type called an “empath”.

Empaths are highly sensitive and feel emotions deeply and are naturally giving and nurturing.

As a result, ‘people-pleasing’ can override the capacity to absorb all that is positive and beautiful, leading to a plethora of health issues including depression, phobias, food and drug binges, and “undiagnosable” physical symptoms.

Do any of these behaviours sound familiar?

  • Listening to people’s problems even when you’re completely exhausted
  • Stopping what you’re doing to take care of another’s needs
  • Wanting to make others happy
  • Wanting to stop pain and discomfort for others
  • Not wanting to disappoint others
  • Suppressing your own needs and desires
  • If a friend is distraught do you start feeling it too?

Have you been told by others that you are?

  • Too emotional
  • Overly sensitive
  • Give too much

Being a people-pleasing empath can impact on relationships and can be especially devastating in relationships with lovers/partners/husbands and wives

You may;

  • Compromise your boundaries without your partner asking you to do so. eg give in to your partner in ways that damage or hurt you
  • Stop expressing your own needs in the relationship, leading to feelings of being unloved and neglected
  • Neglect your self-care. eg. by being focused on your partner,  you neglect the things that make you who you are so you spend less time with friends, less energy on hobbies which in turn your self-esteem suffers
  • Solve important problems in your head, eg. using your inner voice to take both sides of the argument without bringing it up with your partner

 PSYCH-K® is a modality that I use in my Enhanced Life Coaching Clinic in Adelaide.

PSYCH-K® is a kind of spiritual process with psychological benefits.

It is a simple and direct way to change self-limiting beliefs of ‘people pleasing’ at the subconscious level of mind into empowerment.

PSYCH-K® makes wisdom a self-fulfilling prophecy instead of a day-to-day struggle.

It is possible that at some point as you grew up, a pattern of people-pleasing behaviour became ingrained, and you learned to suppress your needs and desires. You orientated to what others needed and lost touch with what feels right for you.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Your life can get better, and you can get back in touch with your needs too.

A healthy relationship requires two people to show up, fully and authentically. It requires that you let go of resentment and passive-aggressive actions and thoughts.

You can still be loving

You can still be kind

You can have a reciprocal relationship

You can receive as much as you give

You can have more fulfilling relationships

Are you ready to change your people pleasing habits?

Are you ready to stop patterns of behaviours that don’t support you?

Are you ready to stop being a victim?

Are you ready to be brave and strong and in control?


The fate of your relationships may depend on it.