Choosing the right Life Coach.

choosing the right Life Coach

Choosing the right Life Coach.

Choosing the right Life Coach is very important.

Firstly, my main purpose in life is to teach and be taught. A coach that has a strong purpose is very important and it is critical that their purpose is not all about them. Their purpose needs to be about you also. This  is one of the most important elements in choosing the right Life Coach.

There are 3 essential elements for myself to be aligned with my purpose. They are:  to be consistent, confident and clear with my vision.

Secondly, I am a Belief Change Specialist and a catalyst for change. I turn problems into gifts as I empower people and teams.

However, creating a flexible, win/win situation for all is very important to me. This is critical when you are choosing the right Life Coach.

Thirdly, my strengths are to uncover peoples ‘perceived mess’ and turn those into a ‘miracle’. My approach is unique, charismatic, and  transforming with the support of essential oils.

Many life coaches offer their clients and growth seekers pieces to the puzzle. My programs are new and innovative.  I change your blueprint to success.  My offerings are  designed to create results fast within a safe, trusting environment.

Moreover, have you noticed that with everything that has been going on around us, not just in recent times, but ancient times too, nature just stays the same. There is a clue in that!

However, I truly believe that ancient communities,  people often used the principles of nature.  This includes essential oils, plants and other plant materials for their health and often survival. Once we tap back into nature, we too can support each other through life’s up’s and downs, as an example.

As a result, there are seemingly endless methods for altering or managing our mood. However, many of these options do not promote good emotional  or physical health. Some people use  dangerous methods to manage or alter their emotions. This can lead to more serious problems down the road.

So, when your choosing the right Life Coach for you, do they offer Aromatherapy to support you?

Let me explain. High quality essential oils are pure and potent.

They come from natural sources and they are safe to use.

Their many components create a powerful value that is in biochemical harmony with our bodies because we too are part of nature.

The main problems that I am solving in my clinic is that people have lost the power of their minds. They are in a fear state and don’t know which way to turn.

People have lost their way and are searching for answers internally and externally.

As a result, my modalities offers you an opportunity to re-boot, re-learn and re-program those old self-limiting beliefs.

Enhanced Life Coaching‘s mind-set program and also essential oils can radically transform your perspective.  Doing this interrupts your negative emotions or stress, which we know is the leading cause of illness.

Aromatherapy and mindset is not just a fad or trend.

For example, scientific research into essential oils supports their use in natural healthcare and is ushering in a new age.

In another 10 years, essential oils and mindset will be more prevalent in popular culture. Yoga was a budding industry in the 1980’s and 1990’s. It is now offered in every gym!

It has never been a better time than now to go back to our historical gifts.

In other words, it is never too late to create a world where we make changes in our lives safely, quickly and easily-almost like magic.

As I said earlier, I have many modalities and tools to get us through this difficult time. One of these is PSYCH-K.

One of the most powerful elements of this incredible modality is the Principles of Nature. Rather than us taking from nature, we should be learning from it and through PSYCH-K we can.

Nature, mindset and spirituality align so closely to the core of our well being.  We can tap into these 3 elements with the support of PSYCH-K.

In conclusion, join me on this journey and together you will activate possibilities, focus your energy on greatness, produce repeatable results and have the key to sustainable success. Understanding this will help you in choosing the right Life Coach for you.

For more information on my offerings jump on my website You can also check out my facebook page enhancedlifecoaching or my Instagram page lizaperkselc.

Thankyou for being you!