How can PSYCK-K® help me find self- love and resilience after a relationship breakdown?

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How can PSYCK-K® help me find self- love and resilience after a relationship breakdown?

One of the most distressing and emotionally charged events we can experience is finding out your partner has been having an affair, and/or they want to end the relationship.

It can be a real test of your resilience and how efficient your self-care and self-love practices really are.

When you are confronted with this kind of emotional bombshell, it really doesn’t have to be self-destroying.

With PSYCK-K®, you will be able to acknowledge the emotions and behaviours and rebuild from the experience.

Today I want to explore different ways to help you not only recover, but how you can find new self-respect, new self-love and a resilience you never thought possible.

You can come out of this situation stronger, braver and wiser than you were before.

Liza Perks from Enhanced Life Coaching works with a powerful but simple modality called PSYCH-K®.

This is almost a magical and easy process that shifts limiting beliefs that we hold, into positive beliefs in just minutes.

Below is some other suggestions that you can try to enhance your experience that has been presented to you.


  1. Stop thinking that it’s a failure on your part
  • The reality is that relationships do break down, and that it takes two for this to happen


  1. Take time to grieve for what you’ve lost
  • To acknowledge the good parts too
  • So, you can make room for something new and better to happen
  • To evaluate and make decisions

      3.  Practice self-compassion

  • Give yourself the same self-compassion as you would give to others
  • It helps you to remain calm and mindful
  • It stops negative feelings overwhelming you
  • See yourself with understanding and forgiveness

      4. Resist turning your emotions into destructive behaviours

  • For example, being angry at your partner is one thing, but don’t cut up all your partner’s clothing!
  • Act according to your values and your long-term goals

      5. Choose Empathy Not Anger

  • Over time, anger related behaviour can degrade your happiness and your health
  • Anger ties you to the past, so move beyond the anger and get in touch with the possibility of new and more loving relationships.
  • The goal is to build a new and happier life

       6. Build a Personal Toolkit

  • Support from friends
  • Childminders and car pool help
  • Materials and supplies for favourite hobbies and activities
  • Candles, bubble bath, books, Netflix, comedy shows etc that can lift your mood at any time

       7. Focus on Your Own Experience: Don’t Compare

  • Remain focused on your unique situation
  • Other people’s similar experiences are NOT yours
  • YOU decide the course you take now, not derived from other people’s opinions

       8. Create Good Moments

  • Be Ms Brightside!
  • Positive emotions matter and they serve as a buffer for hard times
  • When you feel good, even for a short while, it lessens the impact of the negative emotions. Embrace those times!

      9.  Get Physical

  • This is a great time to up-the-ante with exercise
  • It triggers good feelings
  • By setting achievable health goals you can boost your mood and self esteem

      10. Own Your Own Future

  • Step into your future
  • You are in charge of what happens next
  • Liza from Enhanced Life Coaching also closely works with a modality called Time Line Therapy™. This is where you can jump on your time-line and go back into the past, and together Liza and yourself can discover what the root cause of the problem is, get the learnings, then go into the future then from those past learnings, change your future course with positivity.


      11. Find Areas of Potential Growth

  • The courage it takes to step toward personal growth will convince you that you are someone who deserves affection, respect and self esteem
  • Honour yourself and your journey in life
  • What can you learn from this experience?


Have you been impacted by a relationship break down?

How did you cope?

What worked for you in your recovery?

Are you still stuck in the past or have you created a fabulous new future?

What did you do to move forward?

Who helped you on this path?

This time is an amazing opportunity to reset, recharge and draw wisdom.

You now have the chance to explore a future you can create for yourself, using your values and wants and needs. Self-love, self-respect and true resilience awaits. You deserve it.

I look forward to talking with you and designing a powerful, brave and courageous new you!