Finding Your Sense of Purpose with PSYCH-K®

psych-k and finding your purpose

 Finding Your Sense of Purpose with PSYCH-K®

Have you ever felt like you knew exactly what you wanted to be and what you wanted to achieve in life?


I have found that my clients have a successful career, a loving family, a great social network, but still feel like there’s something missing.


Research has shown that having a sense of purpose produces longer and happier lives.


A study in 2010 found that it can benefit brain health, including a lower risk of stroke.


It also found that a sense of purpose has a positive effect by reducing the risk of heart attacks, dementia and disabilities.


Furthermore, a study in 2016 also found that people who feel a sense of purpose make more money than individuals who feel as though their work lacks meaning.


There was this one time when I was a young woman and I knew that I would be a hairdresser. Even thinking about this now, I realise how determined I was to achieve this goal. Nothing was going to get in the way of my dream.  It was exciting knowing that what-ever choices I made; they were always aligned to the bigger purpose.


Today I want to show how our internal dialogue, which is shaped by our values and beliefs, is intimately connected to our physical body, with our sense of purpose having physical manifestations.


A sense of purpose is shaped by the things you believe in and value, and it’s the motivation that drives you onwards toward a satisfying future.


It helps you get the most from the things you do and achieve.


It helps you plan and prioritize and helps you to focus and gives you meaning, comfort, security and pleasure.


The concept of a sense of purpose is deeply connected to our wellbeing, spiritually, emotionally and physically.


Identifying and holding on to a sense of purpose is something that can come to us early in life, but it does take time.


It can also be derailed by different events in our lives.


It is a lifelong journey, and our purpose can morph and change over time. It isn’t necessarily a static, once-only choice.


The feeling of being in the right place, the right time and with the right set of plans and focus is a powerful motivating force.


Reflection and tapping into and understanding our internal dialogue are key.


Limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours, problems with self confidence, self esteem and being on the pendulum of emotions can all get in the way of finding your sense of purpose, and in doing so limit the joyful life you deserve.


This is where PSYCH-K® comes into play.


It’s a technique I use to help you overcome thoughts and ideas that have a negative impact on your life. In using PSYCH-K® I will help you turn things around to a more positive and purposeful direction.


I will work with you to help you find your sense of purpose, to lead a more satisfying and joyful life and all the benefits that can bring, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.


Here are a few tips to help you focus on what you want.


  1. Notice what makes you feel best
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What skills do you have to offer the world and help benefit others, eg are you a good listener, are you a good storyteller?


  1. Make time to encompass activities that support this feeling
  • Get rid of distractions, such as TV and phone
  • Prioritise things that ignite you and make you feel alive


  1. Stay open to possibilities
  • Different passions can co-exist
  • You may have more than one purpose in life


How about you? did you know from a young age or is it still a work in progress?


Was there a moment for you when it all became clear, powerful and exciting?


Have you ever felt like you wanted to have more clarity around your purpose in life?


It’s never too late to focus on what you want and to find your purpose!