Essential Oils is a Creative Way to Alleviate Stress Symptoms during Covid-19

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Essential Oils is a Creative Way to Alleviate Stress Symptoms during Covid-19

Covid-19 and stress:

People with high levels of stress during this difficult time of Covid-19 often find that aromatherapy can help them to manage their symptoms.

You may ask, “How could essential oils possibly help with stress?”
Essential oils directly impact the brain’s limbic system.

This is the region of Amygdala that is part of the brain that activates our fight and flight response.

When people have been traumatized or stressed, this is the region of the brain that is the most affected.

After a traumatic experience, (eg. Covid-19) it’s common for the mind and body to be in a state of shock causing a feeling of emotional disharmony.

Processing the experience and resulting emotions with a de-stress treatment such as Time- Line Therapy and PSYCH-K can help clear the shock and stress and also reduce or eliminate mental, physical and emotional symptoms often associated with stress.

Essential oils can also be used to support the healing process and support self-healing. Special blends of oils can be applied  to specific points (acupoints) on the body help to calm the nervous system.

How to administer Essential Oils:

• Applied topically to the skin and specific areas, such as the heart, during an anxiety attack.  Inside the wrist or behind the ears is fantastic also.

• Poured into a bath (be sure to emulsifying the oil in salt or oil),

• Diffused throughout a room with a diffuser,

Use essential oils to target the symptoms that you are experiencing

• Calm the body’s response and trigger the “rest and digest” parasympathetic state by applying a dab of special oils to the base of the skull, over the heart and inside of the wrists and behind the ears.

• Move negative feelings through by adding the oils to the pinky toe or the outside of the foot from the ankle to the toe.

• Help yourself to return to balance and calm the release of stress hormones, apply oils over the adrenal glands (back of the body, one fist up from the bottom rib).

• PTSD can leave us “tired and wired. This helps with sleep apply essential oils to the top of the head, back of the skull and above the ears on the skin.

• To help release fear and promote feelings of safety, strength and courage apply essential oils to the kidney area.

As a clinical Hypnotherapist, I offer a variety of essential oils in my hypnotherapy clinic.
My favorite brand is Young Living.


Some of my clients find that essential oils are helpful to use before starting a session to help ground them and bring them into the present moment so that we can begin our work together.

Clients also find oils helpful to use during the session.  If they begin to feel overwhelmed or disconnected from themselves when talking about distressing experiences,this is when they apply the oils.

For grounding, clients will put a few drops of essential oils onto the palms of their hands. They then rub their palms together, cup their mouth and breathe in several times.  While they are doing this they are allowing themselves to feel the floor under their feet. They may even bring up a visual of a calm/peaceful place while breathing in the essential oils.

These techniques help to ground, calm and soothe the nervous system.  However, you can also  use oils at home for the same effect.
However, if you would like to purchase some of these oils I can help you. You can use at home in between sessions, so just jump on the

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