Essential Holiday Oils You Cannot Leave Without after Covid-19 is long gone.

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Essential Holiday Oils You Cannot Leave Without after Covid-19 is long gone.

I am starting to find myself daydreaming about going on a holiday. Laying on a beautiful beach, sipping on a pina Colada.

The days of travel are behind us for a while, but it doesn’t stop me planning an amazing holiday in my mind, so when we are out of hibernation, all I must do is book and pack.

After this crazy Covid-19 virus has left the world and we are ready to jump on a plane and create more memories, there is some tricks to allow our travelling to be smooth with these incredible essential oils.

Below are my favorite essential oils that I pack on my trips every time. In fact, you won’t see me without them.


Do you find you always suffer from aching ears, sore legs or overheating when you travel? Massage Peppermint on the bottom of your feet after a long day of walking as your looking for the ultimate café.

Also, it is great to rub peppermint behind your ears if they are aching from flying.

If you are out somewhere extremely hot, like Dubai, apply some at the back of your neck and shoulders and you will feel a cooling sensation around the area which feels gorgeous.


Stress Away

Always keep this staple in your bag! It is a blend of a few amazing oils, some of which are Lavender, Cedarwood and Copaiba. These will help you get a great night sleep when you arrive at your destination. It also smells so beautiful and you can wear it as a perfume. As we all know, organizing bus, train and plane routes can be stressful to organize and don’t always go to plan. Therefore, this oil is so great to use as a roll-on when things get a little tricky.


This is a wonderful oil to use in the car to help the kids feel calm during long rides. If you are planning an overseas trip without the kiddies and you find yourself overindulging in churros and paella, you’ll want some assistance


Recycled oxygen on airplanes and in and out of subways – germs are the norm while travelling. You’ll also want to give your body general wellness support to enjoy every second of your adventure.  Why not ask your flight attendant for a hot towel and add 2-3 drops of Thieves and wipe down your airplane seat for a fresh aroma before settling for the long flight?

Make yourself an Immune Support Blend:

  • 10 drops each of Thieves and Rosemary in a 10ml roller bottle and fill the rest with a carrier oil.
  • Apply morning and night on your feet.

Also make yourself an antibacterial spray for around the hotel room after you check-in:

  • 50ml spray bottle
  • 10 drops Thieves
  • 10 drops Lemon
  • 1tbls Witch Hazel to get the oils and water mix
  • Fill the rest with water.


There is no reason for nervous tension or occasional sleeplessness to prevent you from having the time of your life on your holiday.

Lavender is great for sleep and restlessness on the plane and when you get to your destination.

We all know that we can be restless from the change of time-zones so add Lavender  to a nighttime tea to improve sleep quality.

For even more uses of these five oils, take a travel-sized diffuser! These carry-on approved diffusers will help you refresh and uplift any space you’re in.

Phobias, anxiety and fear of flying.

Here at Enhanced Life Coaching in my Glenelg Hypnotherapy clinic, many of my clients are presenting to me a fear of flying. In fact, probably 1 in every 7 clients share with me their fears of being on an airplane. This is such an issue for their partners and children. Not only are they modelling their fears to their children, but also their partner is frustrated and wants the holiday to be smooth and fun for everyone.

In the Clinic, together we discover when the fear started, and we work through those memories with Time-Line Therapy. We then move onto some N.L.P. processes and finish off with Hypnotherapy and of course a fast PSYCH-K process.

My clients always have such a sense of relief when they can share and move out their long-term and unresolved fears and move into freedom and confidence.

These Essential oils below are amazing for anxiety and fear of flying to and from your holiday.



When you first get on the plane, just pop some Bergamot on your forehead, temples and Vita Flex Points. This amazing oil helps with any agitation while your waiting for the plane to take off and the FDA regards it is generally safe to ingest. Just dilute 1 drop in 1 teaspoon of honey or a 4 oz. beverage of soy or rice milk.


This amazing oil allows you to be calm and collected at the beginning of the flight and even if there is some moderate turbulence. 24 hours before takeoff, apply 1 drop to each inner wrist, rub together, and take some deep inhales. Every 3 hours until you get to the airport, repeat the above step while adding an additional drop behind each ear. Once in the airport, time to kick this into overdrive and apply as needed for an extra boost of confidence. Sniff any time during your flight.

Make up your own blend

10 drops of Frankincense, 5 drops of orange (sweet) and 1 0z of jojoba oil.

Add essential oils to 1 oz. of the Jojoba oil and apply to your wrists and neck and as often as needed.

When you are ready to book your next holiday, contact Phil Hoffman travel. They are specialists in their field.

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