Calling all “W.F.H.” Mums (work from home)

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Calling all “W.F.H.” Mums (work from home)

If you are feeling guilty, disappointed, time-pressured-depressed or stressed out by being a WFH Mum, help is at hand!


  • Do you struggle to get everything done?
  • Do you find you are not getting enough time to fulfil your work commitments as well as your mum role obligations?
  • Are you feeling guilty, time pressured, or even depressed?
  • Do you suffer from W.F.H. Mum guilt?
  • Are you disappointed in your W.F.H. arrangement?


If you’re a mum who has decided to work from home, I’m sure you’ve gone over the pros and cons of this in some detail, so that you have the best of both worlds…keeping your toe in your career while spending quality time with your family.


How is this working out for you?


All parents strive to find more balance between their home life and their work life.


It’s especially difficult for women who want to achieve career success, provide an income to look after their family and to be there to take care of their children.


And the nurturing, nitty-gritty of maternal duty is ever-present.


It’s not necessarily easier than going back to work outside the home and all that brings, but it can be more time and money efficient.


In my Hypnotherapy clinic in Adelaide, I use  a modality called PSYCH-K®  I can help to lift the burden from your shoulders and get you enjoying and flourishing in the W.F.H. experience.


Together we will look at the following and plan for a better work/life balance through this phase of your life.


  1. Plan for success rather than disappointment
  • Keep things positive in your thoughts and language patterns
  • Define what works rather than focus on what isn’t working
  • Write a list of all the good things about being a W.F.H. Mum and take it from there

2.Have confidence to delegate and communicate effectively with your partner

  • This involves redefining your role as the main carer
  • If you view yourself as more than a 50% shareholder in childcare and home duties then you are enabling the situation to allow your guilt to emerge
  • Find out what your partner is good at and trust that they can take over some of your duties…and then step away!
  • Keep negotiating and fine tuning this in a kind and mutually supportive way

      3 Let go of control

  • Can you find childcare, home help, cleaning or ironing services, even if it’s once a month?
  • It’s just not worth being a control freak in these child/work balance years

      4.Get Organised

  • Consider a “To Do List” and stick to it as much as possible
  • Create timetables, planners and completion dates for work and family tasks
  • Find ways to become more disciplined and focused
  • Use a timer

      5. Make peace with the mess

  • i.e.. Remove “Self Inflicted Housekeeping Shame”
  • Setting yourself up to be the perfect housekeeper will set you up to be an epic fail.
  • Embrace your own W.F.H. mum work ethic which is different from anyone else’s experience
  • Rather than stress the mess, find ways to accept that for awhile, at least, things will be like a bomb site.
  • You will get on top of things eventually

      6. Keep one foot in the Real working world

  • Keep in touch with colleagues
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile and resume up to date
  • Volunteer in positions that keep your skills sharp and make you feel valued, perhaps in areas close to your children’s world, such as nursery, kinder or school fundraising etc.

      7. Move your needs to the top of the list

  • Ensure you have time for self care practices
  • Invite a friend over for coffee and get them to help in some way while you have a chat and a laugh
  • Make sure you have positive mental health practices too
  • Invest time into yourself – take time out of your day for some quiet reflection or meditation, even if it’s just for a few minutes
  • Get fresh air and exercise
  • Eat healthily
  • The bonus is that everyone benefits from the time invested in yourself, so you are refreshed every day.


Working from home can be a rewarding and ultimately career enhancing experience. It just takes some thought and planning…and a bit of help from others and discipline from you.


I am really looking forward to working alongside you for a positive change in your W.F.H. life and getting some balance and enjoyment in your life again. Contact me to arrange a free consultation session.