Are You Prioritizing Rest Days and How can PSYCH-K Help?

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Are You Prioritizing Rest Days and How can PSYCH-K Help?

What are your rest and recover practices?


Would you consider taking a whole day or even a weekend off to do nothing?


Do you listen to your body and mind carefully enough to know when they need a big dose of switching off?


Rest is so important that even old cultures and religions recognised this and scheduled it into their practices.


I can hear some of you screaming “Rest days!!! Are you kidding? I never get time to rest!”


Well, you’re exactly the person who needs to make rest a priority.


  • If you buy into the mind-set that in order to feel good about ourselves we must do more. It’s almost a badge of honour to be busy.
  • We are constantly on the go and not setting aside time to fully rest.
  • In order to unwind completely we also need to switch off Instagram, Facebook and our emails.
  • Also consider that a “rest day” means you would also need to cancel your gym class or run, otherwise it is not truly a rest day.
  • We must look at the bigger picture and schedule our rest and refresh time more seriously and make it a priority
  • Even if you’re the type to say that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, you still need to find time to switch off completely



Here are a few reasons, as discussed by Alexa Paolella, IIN health coach, why it’s crucial to rest and recover from our busy lives:



  • Burn out is a real thing
  • It can affect not just those who exercise regularly but those who are;
    • constantly moving
    • stressed out
    • sleep deprived
    • refuelling on caffeine and relaxing with alcohol


Your body most likely will signal to you when you hit the wall by:

  • increased heart rate
  • dehydration
  • weakened immune system
  • injury
  • feelings of depression and anxiety



  • It’s so important to rest your mind from active brain time
  • Remember, our mind is working all day with various tasks, plus it controls bodily actions and functions too
  • If your brain is in overdrive you may experience forgetfulness, confusion and irrational or aggressive emotions
  • It’s hard to think straight when your brain is exhausted


Using a modality called PSYCH-K®, I will address your busy mindset and help you prioritize days and times of peace and calm, recharging and resting your body and mind.  PSYCH-K® is an amazing modality for changing your beliefs that being busy means your important. You will soon belief that you are important when you are not busy.


Everyone is unique, with unique stresses and timetable issues. I will identify yours and work with you.


Everyone around you will benefit from a more rested and refreshed you


I will help you come up with days and times in your schedule so you can prioritize switching off!


Here are two tips to help you in the meantime:



  • For most, a Saturday or Sunday works best
  • Tell yourself ahead of time that either day (or both) is for you and only you



  • Write a few things down that you will and won’t do on your rest day
  • What helps you feel most relaxed?


What are the things you do to fully switch off?


When was the last time you took a whole day just to focus on you alone?


What soothing music would you listen to? What scented candles around your bath?


Do you like walking in nature or at the beach or in the forest?


Do you dream of more than 8 hours sleep?


What about staying in your PJ’s all day?


Would it be best if you weren’t at home so as to limit distraction?


Remember what is restful for you, might not be for someone else -Do what resonates with you!