Are you playing small in your career ladies? How can PSYCH-K® help?

self-sabotage at work

Are you playing small in your career ladies? How can PSYCH-K® help?

For women especially, there are lots of things around the workplace (whether you are an employer or an employee) that hinder us on the path to success.

One thing that isn’t often addressed is how we hinder ourselves and play small.

But the good news is that things can change for the better!

Here are a few ways you might see yourself or others behaving that can sabotage success

  • Having a bad, negative or sassy attitude
  • Getting defensive when feedback is given
  • Gossiping
  • Lying to your manager or yourself
  • Being disrespectful
  • Having an attitude of entitlement
  • Not giving an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay

Cath Daley, one of Europe’s most sought-after coaches for “Women in Leadership” acknowledges that we can hold ourselves back in these more subtle, but just as destructive ways too. Have you heard of some of these in your workplace?

  • Lacking in confidence
  • Not asking for help or putting our hand up to help
  • Waiting to be noticed for a job well done, otherwise known as the ‘Tiara Syndrome’
  • Feeling that one day we’ll be found out ‘Impostor Syndrome’
  • Being afraid to be ourselves and therefore hold back
  • Finding it difficult to accept compliments and acting embarrassed.
  • Not presenting due to fear of not being good enough

All these, and plenty of other behaviours and limiting beliefs will hold you back. But the best thing is that it can be turned around.

PSYCH-K® is a modality which Liza Perks uses in her clinic. It is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind and change the printout of your life!

1.Transform Your Inner Voice

We create our reality by the conversations we have with ourselves. The inner critic say’s – “you can’t do this” or “you’re going to really mess this up”.

This conveys to the outside world as behaviours and body language and affects what we do at an unconscious level.

For example, if you feel that you’re not being taken seriously at work, it’s often because your body language and gestures communicate “little girl” which makes you look small and unimposing.

Research by Ann Caddy at Harvard Business School found that the “little girl” stance elevates the stress hormone, cortisol, making you feel less confident and so it becomes a vicious circle.

Utilising the tool PSYCH-K® changes your inner dialogue from negative words and language to more positive and upbeat words, “I can give this a good go” or “I’m sure I can get this done easily and professionally”.

PSYCH-K® will allow you to step into your power.

2.Become more Self Aware

Being honest with ourselves is often a major step forward on the path to success.

To be self-aware means that other people’s opinions of us should not be more important than our own.

Let’s be honest – How can we expect people to see us if we can’t see ourselves clearly? Go through the list of behaviours above and be honest with yourself- Are you guilty of doing or being any of them?

Accept responsibility and acknowledge that you can change things using PSYCH-K®.

3.Banish Limiting Beliefs

Getting rid of limiting beliefs and barriers is critical to success.

The only way to fully realize your potential is to free yourself from these limiting beliefs and create a new empowering way of thinking that will lift and support you in the future. The only easy, simple and powerful way to achieve this is through a modality called PSYCH-K®

4.Spread Positivity

Become known for being the person who always looks for the positive in people, including yourself, and situations.

Lift and encourage your co-workers. The positive energy you put out, you will receive back again.

Always speak positively about your company and colleagues.

If there are things happening at work that you’re unhappy about, find positive ways to improve them.

 5.Live with integrity.

Give an honest day’s work every single day. Be truthful with yourself so you canbe truthful with others in your workplace.

Do what you say you will do!

Your reality is created by your beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are often the result of lifelong ‘programming’ and represent a powerful influence in the workplace.

PSYCH-K® provides a variety of ways to quickly identify and transform beliefs that ‘limit’ you in the workplace into beliefs that ‘support’ you. Especially in the workplace environment.