Are Energy Vampires Sucking the Life out of You and how will PSYCH-K® help?

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Are Energy Vampires Sucking the Life out of You and how will PSYCH-K® help?

Have you ever heard of “energy vampires”?

It’s almost a self-explanatory term, but it’s used to describe people who make you feel unworthy, stupid, fearful and unloved.

That is, people who only “take” from you.

They can be family or friends, work colleagues, neighbours or lovers.


  • Can you think of anyone, or several people, in your life who are like that?


  • Do you feel drained and emotionally wrecked when you’re around them?


  • Do they make you feel bad or sad in a way that’s hard to describe?


They are often people we really care about too.

Some of them even mean well and tell you how much they love and care for you.

As women, we often pride ourselves on being able to get along with everyone, to be the peacemaker, to be the bigger person, to be the comforter and the nurturer, and the person who can look for the good in people while ignoring the bad.

But sometime when we are “sucking it up” we are literally being “sucked dry”, losing something of ourselves in the process.

Jen Stone from MindBodyGreen gives these examples of energy vampires

  • The Blamer: who blames everyone else without ever taking any responsibility
  • The Guilt Tripper: who uses shame to get what they want from you
  • Jealous Jennies: who can never feel any genuine happiness for anyone else
  • The Insecure: who like to pull others down to their own level of low self esteem
  • The Fun Police: who seem unable to find joy, or who bully to elevate their own egos
  • The Downers: who whine, gossip and drama queen

Can you think of any others?

Do you recognize any of these types of people in your life?

Do you think you are sacrificing your own natural positive energy just so you don’t upset or alienate them?

My view is that relationships are a “see-saw” exchange of energy.

Sometimes we lift the other person up and other times they lift and support us. Sometimes it’s an equal exchange.

Take an inventory of the significant people in your life and evaluate where you sit on that see-saw.

You are the safe-keeper of your own precious energy. If you don’t safeguard it your physical, emotional and mental energy will suffer. This can lead to health problems, too, but I’ll cover that in an upcoming blog.

To lead a healthy, happy and positive life it’s important to surround yourself with people who also promote the same way of life.

Here are a few things to think about when evaluating relationships you may fear are falling into the energy vampire category


  • Can you trust them with your dreams, fears, secrets or your heart?
  • Do you feel valued, loved, balanced, supported?
  • Is it an equal exchange of energy? Where do you sit on that “see-saw”?
  • Can you be yourself without being judged, mocked or ridiculed?

After the evaluation phase you need to think about whether to keep the relationship going or not. You may not be able to end the relationship if it’s a relative or boss, say, but you can protect yourself and your loving energy.

I can help you gain the confidence to protect you and move away from energy vampires by


  • Learning to cope through creating “energy boundaries”
  • Strategies to protect yourself
  • Asserting your own self-worth and self confidence
  • Visualisation techniques to build an “energy shield”
  • Finding perspective
  • Staying in the light
  • Techniques so you don’t react impulsively and can “go with the flow” better

A lot of my clients talk about being people pleasers. Its almost like they send an invisible message to the world for others to feed off them.

We stop this in it’s tracks with a modality that I use in clinic called PSYCH-K®.

PSYCH-K® allows you to be able to maintain your individuality within your relationships.

PSYCH-K® also shows you how to set boundaries within your relationships and friendship groups.

Manage or eliminate the energy vampires in your life and instead of having the life sucked out of you, you will move forward to positivity, joy, love and a fullness of heart.

And watch your health improve too!

I look forward to hearing your questions and or comments here, and of course to talking to you in person.