“Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”- Hypnotherapy Adelaide

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“Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”- Hypnotherapy Adelaide

Most of us have a tricky relationship with time. It’s either going too fast or too slow. And sometimes we just want to wish time away

Do you get tetchy, angry and short tempered with yourself and those around you when you’re time stressed?

  • Are you like Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit who is always clock watching, running about from one task to another?
  • Are you wishing and hoping that time would pass quickly so that the phase your child is going through would end, or the illness of a parent or friend would resolve.
  • Or are you the woman who, while in the middle of brushing her teeth, notices something out of place and attends to that task at the same time?

A few years ago, social media went crazy for a story and video clip of an American woman, Sweet Brown, declaring that after fleeing her burning apartment complex she just didn’t have time to deal with it.

Do you remember her story?

It was turned into a parody and a music clip. But I think, as women, we can relate to her stress, even though at the time we were laughing!

For me, it’s just the mundane and routine things that are relentless, day after day, that clog up our thoughts and make us feel time pressured.

Hearing my client’s obstacles in my Hypnotherapy Clinic Adelaide ,  women especially have varying approaches to time.

We instinctively know that time ticks over at exactly the same pace each and every day?

So what can be done to reclaim your relationship with time?

I’m sure Sweet Brown did find the time to gather the remains of her and her family’s life from the fire and start again.

She simply had to.

The same goes for us all.

Time can be regained.

Time can be slowed down to allow us to move efficiently and calmly through each moment and each day.

The funny thing is that time doesn’t know or care.

It just “is”.

It’s our relationship with time that needs to change.

It’s our strategies and practices that need to be put in place to make this happen.

I’m going to give you a strategy here which is based on my Time Line Therapy programme which I use in my Adelaide Hypnotherapy clinic.

Play around with it and you will see the power of your mind and how you can change your perspective of time.

My strategy is, set the alarm just 5 – 10 minutes earlier each day but make sure that you set this time aside just for you. No exceptions! Use these few minutes, preferably as soon as you wake, but absolutely within the first half hour of your day. Close your eyes and add deep slow breathing so the breathe goes down to your belly, then exhale slowly.  See every task being completed smoothly, easily and happily. Repeat this process a few times and receive time’s blessing. Make sure you see yourself compete the day relaxed and calm.

Now give yourself a round of applause. You had all the time in the world after all and it feels so good! Take a moment to let this feeling sink in.

While you are implementing this strategy, you are basically re-wiring your relationship with time.

Setting aside time to focus and re-work your time frames also re-frames how you perceive time.

By visualising time flowing easily and smoothly along a sequence or path provides you with an alternate template.

You now have a choice. Instead of flicking straight into overwhelm and stress and all the accompanying behaviours such as being snippy and short tempered, you now know what it feels like to be at ease with time. Time is now your friend.

So, play around with this technique and see how things change as the days and weeks unfold. Let me know if you enjoy them and how it’s changed your perceptions of time.

Has anyone near or dear noticed any change in you?

Do you find yourself using this at other times of the day, such as in the car at school pick up or on the train to work?

Being a Life Coach in Adelaide, I am always interested in your thoughts, so comment below.